Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Yesterday was a weird day.

Woke up late.

Was late for driving class but drove like a pro. Went to fourth gear for the first time ever. Touched 70 kmph. Cool!

In college for my hall ticket - didn't have my ID (which I had misplaced) or a library card (which I had never had). Blew 50 bucks on a duplicate ID card, only to find the original today. After a spell of frantic running up and down two flights of stairs and some patient waiting in the company of a bunch of hopelessly impatient souls, managed to get a "no due certificate" from the library. Hall ticket had my second language printed wrongly as Hindi (it's Additional English). The usually jovial lady told me blandly to go and meet Mr. Uday in the JC Road branch. The usually stuck up dude seemed genuinely concerned. I wasn't worried at all, a fact that has been worrying me ever since. All I resented was the trip that I'd have to make to JC Road. Need a change of attitude.

Gaurav was most helpful. Went to JC Road on his bike. Uday wasn't there. No surprises there. The campus is pretty impressive. Swanky.

Had to wait for Uday to get back. Gaurav suggested that we watch Harry Potter. Next destination - Inox. The screens were flashing "Harry Potter - fast filling" in reddish orange by the time we got there. Got the worst seats in the hall. My fault, I'm ready to admit. I liked the movie. Ofcourse it didn't do justice to the book, but that's asking for too much. HPGoF is just too good a book.

The movie contributed generously towards a headache that had been building up gradually since the morning. Back to JC Road, Uday was back. He told me to go back to VV Puram in a dismissive manner that pissed me off greatly. Apparently I had to submit a letter to that asshole of a Principal for him to be able to do something about my hall ticket. Asshole.

Back in college, I had to walk around in search of a xerox shop. Can't ever find them when you need them. Found one finally, but exhaustion and indifference caused me to take the wrong road on my way back. And after all that, the asshole in the office asked for my admission receipt which I wasn't carrying. So my work wasn't done yesterday and I had to return to that place today.

The world contains quite a large number of assholes. Yours truly may be one of them. I don't know.

I returned home with a really bad headache. But I was feeling so happy :) . Why? I haven't the slightest idea. Slept for 12 long hours. 6 to 6. No tv, no studies, no dinner...


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