Sunday, November 06, 2005

Back from a nice trip.
I'm thrust into the lap of nature and what do I do? I sleep. Beautiful surroundings and fresh air are very good sleep inducers. I did cut down a bit on tv time though, and my cousins even managed to drag my lethargic ass out for the odd game of badminton. And I'm now only 300 pages away from the end of Fountainhead. So yeah, a decent trip on the whole.

Watched three movies this past week. Sarkar, No Entry and Requiem for a Dream. The first was good, the second funny in parts, about the third I can't make up my mind. It certainly wasn't entertaining. It wasn't meant to be entertaining. It was disturbing, depressing, frightening, sad. So, so sad. It left me feeling so miserable.
Don't ever take drugs. Please.


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