Monday, October 31, 2005

A bit of a wasted week, the last one. Did nothing of any significance. Except perhaps recording a cover of one of the greatest songs of all time with the G-Group. We did a very good job, I think. Most of you must have got the file by e-mail. If you haven't, it's your loss. Hunt around till you find it. There's no telling how much an old G-Group recording might be worth a few years from now.
Since I've gotten started on this, I'll give you the whole story.

The sky was dark and overcast. Or so I thought. Nobody bothered to check. We were all in Atul's room. Artists starved of inspiration until we were on the verge of cannibalism.

The greatest artists find inspiration in the most unlikely places. We found ours in somebody who I gather lives a stone's throw away from where we were. I suppose it was no wonder that it was Atul who came up with the idea taking into consideration our muse.

Ofcourse, Taliban Alla Alla is one hard song to cover. In fact, I believe Queen recorded 'Another One Bites the Dust' after failing miserably in their attempts to cover Taliban Alla Alla. But we were unfazed by all that history.

We set to work with a vengeance. The ever dependable Deepash needed no time to plant himself in front of Atul's computer and start playing NFSU2. The rest of us got working on our looks. The fact that we were covering a Puneeth Rajkumar song was hammering away at the back of our minds. The style mattered more than anything else.

We didn't encounter too many problems. Deepash lost a couple of races and Vikram Seth lost some more hair but apart from that, there were no major setbacks. Finding the lyrics took some time but as we all know very well, Gaurav works wonders with computers and blondes. Soon, I was getting Shashanka out of bed to read the Kannada lyrics out to me so I could write it down in good ol' English.

Instruments on, hoods on, shades on, attitude on and we were ready to begin. A few trial runs. We did a collective screw up the first time. I screwed up the second time. Third was a keeper. Missed hi-fives everywhere, the champagne flowing, Deepash celebrating a third place finish, me rushing to answer Nature's insistent call, Anoop already answering it, euphoria all around.

Atul wrote out the credits. Here they are:
The G-Group :
Lead Vocals (Puneeth Rajkumars themselves) : Amar Simha, and Shashanka
Backup Vocals (The chicas with the "come on, dance, dance, dance and the aaaeeeee"): Anoop Menon and Deepak Nambiar
At the lead guitar : Atul Agarwal
At the backup guitar : Deepak Nambiar
Technical Support (the man who actually recorded this) : Gaurav Jain
Chief Mentor (the guy with the "cooling glasses" hanging around keyboard) : Anil Agarwal
And playing NFS U2 on my computer while this masterpiece was being created : Deepash Jain

..and they lived happily ever after.

70 off 69 balls? What's so great about that? Duryodhana's dad made 100(kids) from 2 balls.


Blogger Jang!! said...

Your best dude ! Simply your best.
It can't get better, until, ofcourse your next entry.

4:50 AM, November 02, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

when's the album due to come out? love ya!

9:00 PM, November 02, 2005  
Anonymous Shreyas said...

Euphoria about of answering nature s call seems very interesting..wa wa!!!!
5 stars for the the composition also ..for all you know you may enter the billboard us countdown..ill pray tht u do..
enjoy..ill b there the next sleep over hope hard and compose some funkier stuff maaga..10 stars to the blog s just better than ever..

6:43 AM, November 03, 2005  

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