Thursday, September 29, 2005

I'm totally pissed with a few people. I hate having to say it here, but there you have it. I'll try not to let it burn a hole in my enormous reserve of humour.*

Got my hair cut yesterday. So, in The Addams Family terms, I've gone from looking like Cousin Itt to Uncle Fester before Morticia ran a lawnmower over his head by accident. Too bad. But I suppose I can take solace in the fact that I did my bit in helping India add to its foreign exchange reserves. Thats me, ever the patriot. By the way, India's human hair-trade is now a multi-million dollar industry.

With every passing moment, I'm beginning to feel maybe its a good thing all that hair is gone. I find that I can now see better without hair falling over my eyes. Similarly, I can hear better, speak more easily, soap my legs without trouble. Long hair can be such a pain.

In fact, its amazing to what extent long hair can impair your hearing. All the countless times over the last one month when I heard my mom screaming to me to "study hard!", she wasn't screaming "study hard!" at all. Turns out she was screaming "Bloody nerd!". I nearly passed out in shock when she told me yesterday. Don't think I'll ever grow my hair long again.

Now I'm beginning to suspect I might have misheard some other things also. I have a strong feeling Shreyas didn't say "ignore off man" quite as many times as I thought he did. Maybe he was saying "bad cough man". Or maybe "don't scoff man". Or "Darren Gough man". And all the times I felt like stuffing his mouth with Devika for apologising unnecessarily, he might not have been saying "sorry" at all. Could have been "bihari". Or "ferrari". Or even "bihari ferrari". Wonder what that would look like.

Ajay might have been saying "M.G.Road" every time I heard him say "download". And when I thought he said "book", it could have been "Kinshuk". All very probable. Damn! I hate myself for growing my hair long!

* for those of you who don't know me too well, that line is dripping with sarcasm.

I'm still pissed.


Blogger woolorcrystal said...

what are you so pissed off abt anyway??

10:32 PM, September 29, 2005  
Blogger Hoarse Whisperer said...

a few things.

7:43 AM, September 30, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

temme temme! oooh and thanks for the email even if it was just a very very small one, with very VERY big text!

10:25 AM, September 30, 2005  
Blogger Jang!! said...


Well, seeing your nicely trimmed hair this morning, I suppose you have got back your Amar look, with the funky indescibable hair.

And the misinterpretations were just too funny man.

Bloody Nerd!

12:32 AM, October 01, 2005  
Blogger Jang!! said...

Ignore the few spelling mistakes on top, I am a chronic sufferer of 'Writer's Block'. No blogging this last week coz i seem to be in the final stage of the disease.
It was nice knowing you

12:34 AM, October 01, 2005  
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