Sunday, September 18, 2005

Mondays generally suck. A stupid alarm wakes you up on a gloriously sleepy morning so you can get to college on time. Its awfully hard to get into college mode when you know there are a whole bunch of better things you can do with that time. What a gigantic waste! And it only becomes harder when you've spent the whole of Sunday watching tv, watching tv and watching tv.

Lets face it. Sunday isn't as great as it is made out to be. I know its the only weekly holiday and all, but its hard to enjoy it when thoughts of a whole new week of classes are incessantly gnawing away at your mind. The only good thing that came out of my Sunday was that my computer got fixed. Thats a huge relief.

Saturday wasn't bad though. Met some people I hadn't seen in sometime - Deepak, Atul, Taran, Anoop, Nikhil, Arjun, Deepash, Ajay. Only PESIT and RV guys, so I tried (ineffectually) to shed the aura that comes with being a Jain college student. A Jain student in the outside world is like Hercules in the midst of midgets. I seem to appear intimidating without meaning to. Haha, thats obviously bullshit. I am one colossal loser.

So, back to Monday. Today turned out okay in the end. Missed the first period in college, as usual. With nothing better to do, I decided to pay a visit to a place I'd never set foot in. The librarian looks nothing like Josephine. Thank God for that.

Sweety (our very very very effeminate English teacher) was not in his elements today. Which worked out very well for me. I spent the entire period trying to correct him(with help from the ever helpful Gaurav). Think I put on quite an impressive show, because in the end he gave me attendance even though I didn't have my work book.

The icing on the cake, however, was that I PASSED ACCOUNTS!! In fact, I scored 150% of the pass mark(18*1.5=27!) which isn't much, but its still no mean achievement. Gaurav scored a more respectable 33.

The Cottonian magazines are out of stock. Thats a shame. We managed to get our hands on one stray copy though, Nishanth, Shreyas, Jang and I, when we met in school today. Its pretty good. Should get my copy soon. Ran into Pa, PD, Shukla and voluntarily walked into Mercy's room. Good ole Pa. Had the honour of shaking hands with him. My hand still smells of hydrogen sulphide.

I'm feeling so sleepy now. *yawn*

Nishanth Appaiah Mittu - friend, philosopher, guide. Happy Birthday.


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