Monday, August 01, 2005

I woke up to a huge challenge today, the one posed by the newly installed Jain college Monday dress code. White shirt, black trousers and a tie. Its amazing how stupid it can make you look. And a thousand stupidly dressed people in the same vicinity don't paint a very pretty picture. To add to my misery, Gaurav bunked college(poor guy's got viral fever, hope he gets well soon). That meant that I had to complete our daily break-time exercise of walking up the road leading to college and back, all on my own, treating people along the way to a free freakshow.
But the day got better, as I had fervently hoped.
2 pm S-H-A-R-P, I was on MG Road, and on time, in very overcast conditions, to meet Malvika Kejriwal(not Periwal) who had very kindly consented to include my name in a schedule already overflowing with midday appointments.The intermittent spells of light and not so light drizzling sent us scurrying out of Barista and on a Bangalore exploration trip. A bowling game, and a suspiciously pink creamy concoction later, I had contributed enough to our conversation to fill 0.34323 percent of an msn msgr window. So, obviously, I was expecting to get whacked by a pair of heeled slippers as punishment for my refusal to "open up". But apparently, marvadis accepted to Indiana University,Bloomington are not vindictive people. Some are very very nice. And they become good friends over ten months. An important life lesson.
The evening had even more enlightenment in store. Accounts is in some ways very similar to programming. Its really quite simple once you have the tiniest idea about what you're doing. And neither can be mastered overnight - my sagely observation.
9 o'clock is by my thinking a little too late for phone calls. But this was one I'd waited a few days to make. Apparently, BITS Pilani has a lot of raggers(people who rag, what are they called?). And Sai Hurrish D didn't manage to escape their net. It was nice to hear his voice after quite a long time, inspite of the irritating time delay on a not-so-clear line. I'm so glad we didn't lose touch after he moved to Bombay. Though it might have been nicer if he hadn't moved at all. I'm sure he'll do well for himself.

We are the champions, my friend..
And we'll keep on fighting till the end.
We are the champions
We are the champions
No time for losers, coz we are the champions..
Of the world.

How in heaven's name did JD manage to escape elimination after mutilating this song on Rockstar INXS?


Blogger Jang!! said...

Jain Coll and dress codes somehow don't fit in, do they? Thankfully, i have never yet had the oppurtunity(or misfortune) to wear the "Jain Coll Stud Boy gone PESIT" look. C ya this monday, btw a Blue time looks better on White or a Red??

And hey! Jain Coll not having a campus means us walking a lot(on road?) everyday meaning we don't die of Cholestrol by the time we are 40(and Mercy said I think negative!)

12:50 PM, August 25, 2005  
Blogger woolorcrystal said...

i love madvadis from bangalore accepted at IU! :)

11:11 AM, August 31, 2005  

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