Sunday, July 31, 2005

Not a day goes by without me wishing for another couple of years in school. This feeling was further accentuated when I got together with Ajay, Nishanth and Arpan for a quiz. I have no illusions of my prowess as a quizzer, but its something I really enjoy, like bowling and snooker and cricket. And when you're no good at something, it helps if you have great teammates. Thats something I'll go into at a later time.
As for today, the Three Legged Dinosaur unfortunately didn't get to strut its stuff at the quiz. However, we did spend some quality time together, loafing in and around Forum(where we were pleasantly surprised to run into who else, but Malvika!). I get such an incredible sense of well being when I'm around those guys. The comfort level we share is quite a departure from the feelings of utter discomfort that grip me when I'm in college (though they are significantly alleviated by Gaurav's presence). What is not so comforting is the thought that these meetings, which as it is are few and far in between, will only decrease with time. That thought was no deterrent today however, as I whiled away a little more than three hours in the company of two of my best friends. That short period of time, if nothing else, made it a sunday well spent.
My music continues to have a strain of sadness though. Today, its been Streets of Philadelphia - Bruce Springsteen for most of the day. A song that thoroughly deserved its Best OST Oscar. Philadelphia was such an awesome movie. The final scenes with that haunting background score nearly had me in tears.

Joe Miller (Denzel Washington): What do you love about the law, Andrew?
Andrew Beckett (Tom Hanks): I... many things... uh... uh... What I love the most about the law?
Joe Miller: Yeah.
Andrew Beckett: It's that every now and again - not often, but occasionally - you get to be a part of justice being done. That really is quite a thrill when that happens.


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