Saturday, August 27, 2005

Additional English is without a shade of doubt, the toughest subject we have in college. And despite what many others seem to think, it is also the most interesting.
You only have to take a look at the titles of the chapters to know they're all masterpieces of English literature. My favourite,of course, is "How I learned to Argue while in England".
One look at the title and obviously I thought the author must be Gautam Nangia. To confirm my suspicions, I scanned the pages for the name "Michael Schumacher". No luck. Apparently this particular piece was written some hundred years before Gautam wrote his essay with the same title. And while our essay discusses nothing in particular(except for some vague references to some country's(India??) freedom struggle and the author's immaculate pronunciation of the word 'word'), Gautam's far more interesting essay gives details of 253 of his most memorable arguments built around who else, but Schumi!
Another chapter in our textbook is "An Eco-Feminist Vision", an essay that draws parallels between the plights of women and nature. Now, as anybody who has scaled Mt.Everest and also been the American President is well aware, I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for the fairer sex. So much so, that I've been desperately trying to convince some of my friends (in particular Ajay, Amogh and Shashanka) to name their first borns 'Estella', regardless of the gender of the child. Therefore, being the great admirer of women that I am, I was appalled to read the part where the author points out the similarities between the Venus Fly Trap (a fly eating plant) and Venus Williams (who eats nothing but flies during her preparations for Wimbledon, where the winner, incidentally, is awarded the 'Venus' Rosewater dish). Interesting observations no doubt, but they do leave a bitter taste in your mouth, far more bitter than fly juice anyway.

'I like living life on the edge. My house is on the edge of a cliff and I drive a car from Argentina.'
-Colin Mochrie
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