Thursday, August 18, 2005

I return to blogging today equipped with the knowledge that blogging is a very very important activity. Apparently bloggers in Bombay raised thousands of dollars abroad for flood relief through their blogs. I contributed in my own little way by not taking part and thereby not throwing a spanner in the works. Besides, it appears I have some loyal readers who religiously log in to check on my blogs (if only to smile derisively and congratulate themselves on leading slightly more exciting lives). To you people, I say, thanks anyway.

Today turned out to be a very special day in college. This morning, in accounts class, I rummaged through my bag, and in an act in no way less entertaining than David Copperfield pulling an elephant out of a matchbox, I pulled out 2 pens that worked, one that didn't, a pencil and a ruler! You should have seen the look on Gaurav's face. Now, for those ignorant folk who don't understand the significance of this monumental achievement, I'll give you a bit of history. The last time I had carried this assortment of stationery in my bag, was the day Shreyas came to the grave conclusion that the only way to flatten the tiny dents in Ajay's parker pens was to throw them hard against a wall in BASE, immediately followed by a wall directly opposite the first. Or maybe it was because he was angry at Ajay. I'm not quite sure. Anyway, that was around two years ago, though it feels more like three score and seventeen years.

I'm now on a readership expansion drive. My immediate target is to increase my readership from a measly 3.75 (yeah, there's one person who reads only three-quarters of every blog...), to 6.75 (...and he/she has no intention of changing his/her ways), by the end of this week. A task that will no doubt put to the test my immense marketing skills. My problems are further compounded by a mystery man who goes by the name of Mysteryman. It has come to my knowledge that this guy is spreading rumours about satanic messages hidden in my blogs. Now, that is so untrue! Just because I paint my 3 inch nails black and have 136 body piercings and chant "Lucifer is my king" and have the occasional peg of blood at a sacrificial feast, people brand me a satan worshipper. But I am not one. I appeal to my readers to believe me, and aid me in my quest to add a few more blog readers to the existing pack.


Blogger Jang!! said...

Man! U are just too funny. Now sign up for Google Adsense, spread out ur blogger address and make ur first 2 millions( the first 2 coz ur obviously gonna share it with me!)

To the other readers, what the "hoarse whisperer" has conveniently forgotten to mention is how funny he was in Accounts period. I nearly fell laughing at his (stupid?), hilarious remark on the pens.
Here's what happened. He searched his bag for a pen, found one and said, WOW! today's a good day.
Then one of the dude's(Vikram??) asked him for a pen, he rummages through his bag and Viola!! another pen. Then i ask for a pen, he finds one that doesn't work(but a pen is a pen is a pen(my eco teacher always says that(and i hate using parenthesis))). And then, the grand finale being him getting a pencil and ruler and remarking " Shit, man! This is the best day in my life!". Now, this put into the perspective of Amar with him saying the same with an absolute straight face(almost sagely!) makes it impossibly funny.
And Yes! Amar, you really must have had a really boring life.

And its funny how the little things in life matter so much whenever ur out of touch with ur beloved friends who have been there for u for 14 years. Thanks for being there man! U rule!

12:45 PM, August 25, 2005  

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