Friday, September 02, 2005

My first three commerce exams went better than I had expected. Well, the last two atleast. The first was a little tricky. I was informed, albeit after writing half my paper, that Jain college students are expected to write their exams in English and not Marvadi. So, that meant that I had to rewrite everything. In English!!

A month or two ago, exchanging emails with an IITian would have been a humbling experience. Not anymore. Its amazing what studying in Jain college for two months can do to you. In my mind's eye, I could see an overawed Vaibhav nervously typing out a reply to my message. If the IITs are the Mammootys of the world of education, Jain college is the Rajni. Which makes me wonder what PESIT might be. Maybe Shakila.

Technology these days is tremendously advanced. The best inventions of the last decade, in increasing order of importance:
The Apple iPod (20 GB)
The Apple iPod (40 GB)
The Apple iPod (60 GB)
The LG-Reliance cellphones with the Sufi ringtone
Deepak's Lydia series of cellphones.

Why the hell did I get started on all this? I'm eating an 'apple'. Duh!


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