Thursday, October 06, 2005

Frankly, I haven't the least inclination to blog right now, but I have nothing better to do. Its pathetic, I know. Normally, I'd while away the time playing pocket billiards or listening to Britney Spears songs, but my pants are too tight and my best of Britney collection is lost.

I think I did more grammar today than the rest of my life combined. 80 odd @#$#ing pages. All for 10 measly internal assessment marks. Boring. So obviously, I tried to spice up the process by trying to make my answers as silly as possible.
Eg. in a stupid stupid crossword -
Clue 1. not wet(3) - wetter (2 letters crammed into each of the 3 boxes)
Clue 2. drama(4) - six feet under (the letters 'er' connecting the two clues)
Clue 3. furious(5) - pissed off
In the middle of all that I think rediscovered my perv side. For once, I was making dirty jokes, not just laughing at them. It was damn cool.

Yesterday, I returned home eager to watch the second half of the Super Series Australia vs Rest of the World match. Imagine my surprise when I saw the Rest of the World line-up - Sangakkara, Ganguly, Ganguly, Ganguly, Ganguly, Ganguly, Flintoff, Pollock, Murali, Vettori, Akhtar. And then the substitution resulted in another Ganguly being introduced. Way to go, World XI! But seriously, what a bloody disappointment! Hope tomorrow will be different.