Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Halfway through my exams and I'm already exhausted. Additional English tomorrow, so I have a day's respite before being thrown back into hell. Management is going to be one hard exam to crack. Enough about exams! But I can't seem to find anything else to talk about.

I can hear my mom complaining that my dad forgot her birthday the year they got married. I've inherited my dad's poor memory for birthdays. They're watching 'Good Morning Vietnam' I think. I want to watch it too, but I have to study. Sigh. Robin Williams is one of my favourite actors. Dad'll probably fall asleep in the middle of the movie. He doesn't like watching movies at a stretch. I'm just the opposite. You can't distract my attention from a good movie if you stick popcorn up my nostrils and/or spray my face with coke.

After a long vacation spent primarily gazing at the tube, my sister's reunited with her books. So she's back to making me feel guilty about not studying. So I shall go do precisely that. Hope 10:20 isn't too late to start studying for additional english. Hell, thats still better than yesterday when I watched 'The School of Rock' despite having economics today. Very nice movie though.

I am so looking forward to Friday. My countdown meter reads two days. Hope it isn't malfunctioning.


Blogger Re of Light said...

Hmmm... you have a knack for forgetting birthdays of people, but I think that the problem I have is worse. I forget people. Not people I have known for ages, like you and me and Vaibhav and that elphick house guy who should have been born with pointy ears. People I have just met. That is, met just once, or twice or multiple times. Let's face it, I can't remember people unless they have been in my face for a year, or if they are female and strikingly beautiful. The latter part works to my advantage.
Hope your exams go well.

11:29 PM, October 20, 2005  
Anonymous Joshua said...

Lol! I agree with who ever re of light is. wait ill find out later. hope ya do well!

6:06 AM, October 21, 2005  
Blogger Jang!! said...

Am I exempted from commenting now that I have posted an Infinite number of comments in your previous post? Just type the program in C++ and run it.

Ok, it's Infinite + 1 comments now.
Mercy would say thats Infinite too but I say, But mam!, Nope!
Infinite + 1 = Infinite + 1

6:59 AM, October 24, 2005  
Blogger Hoarse Whisperer said...

yes, yes, I agree with you..

infinity + 1 = infinity + 1

11:31 PM, October 26, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happened to the pulp fiction post?!

1:16 AM, October 30, 2005  
Blogger Hoarse Whisperer said...

will put it up sometime. when i feel like it.

5:51 AM, November 06, 2005  

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