Friday, November 11, 2005

My proudest creation...


In Deutschland far,far away
There was a man who went astray
His crooked mind just couldn't resist
The Nazi call, so he did enlist.
As he killed more men and blew more tanks,
He quickly rose up the Nazi ranks.
It was but a matter of time then,
Before he became one of the Fuhrer's right hand men.
While more and more Jews died in the genocide,
No pity could penetrate his thick hide
But as the Allies descended on Normandy,
Our man decided it was time to flee.
As the windows shut on his world of crime,
He found a place where he could bide his time.
As the years passed by, he found a wife
Who brought 2 sons into his miserable life
The older inherited his evil streak
While the younger turned out mild and meek
His wicked ways had left him rich
So he bought a farm with a soccer pitch
And an indoor pool and a karting track,
So there was nothing really that he could lack
But Michael(a.k.a brother Cain)
Drove Ralf(Abel) away from the racing lane
And with him gone, Michael drove alone
His limited skills he tried to hone
But the truth be told, he had no skill
Though he found it hard to swallow the bitter pill.
His cunning mind came to his aid
His dad stepped in, some bribes he paid
So every race was a Michael win
While Ralf stayed honest through thick and thin
It wasn't very long before
Michael was knocking on F1's door
Here he found that he was quite lost
In the company of the legendary Senna and Prost
One of them he had to eliminate
To secure the coveted winner's plate
So the plot was hatched before race no.3
The location:Imola,the San Marino Grand Prix
Ayrton began in a familiar role,
At the head of the grid, on his 65th pole
As Senna pulled away from the chasing pack
Michael deftly pushed him off the racing track
It was a ghastly crash at the Tamburello chicane
The doctors' efforts were all in vain
After pulling off this diabolical scheme
Michael moved on to a richer team
And with the help of their illegal car
He spread his reputation wide and far
So it is hardly a secret then
The last world champion was Mika Hakkinen.

Must do something about the last line now that Alonso's come into the picture.


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whoa! this ROCKS!!

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