Saturday, November 12, 2005

I wrote my LL test finally yesterday. I passed! 12/15.. not bad. That's something I could have done more than 2 years ago. But that's how lazy I am.

Turning 18 hasn't really changed anything. Not that I expected it to, but I'm still a little surprised for some reason.

I'm on wikipedia. I love that site.

I spend quite a lot of time on these three sites. Crime library is a great site. I see some raised eyebrows. I assure you I'm not some crazy psycho killer. But then again, you only have my word for it.

I like reading about the movies I watch, books that I read, music I listen to. Radiohead's fourth studio album is called Kid A. I find this kind of thing interesting...
"the title "Kid A" refers to the first child born after an apocalypse, who rediscovers and reconstructs the idea of music for himself from scratch."

I find the concept of death really fascinating. Actually, not so much death as the afterlife. Ghosts and spirits and stuff. Not from a philosophical or spiritual point of view but from a creative standpoint. What I mean is, nobody really knows anything about ghosts. And the unknown can be interpreted in any way. That throws open this great big door for creative exploitation. Same thing with space and aliens. And a lot of other things.

I understand that I still owe everybody a birthday treat. If only everyone can throw that monkey called college/exams off their backs for a day, I can plan something. All colleges should follow a common exam schedule. Sigh.

My fourth post in less than 24 hours. Should help in my quest to become the most prolific blogger in existence. That's a little hard to achieve. Maybe I should set my sights lower. Maybe the most prolific blogger with an intelligence quotient in excess of 180. Yeah, that's me.

I miss writing about Jain College.

-Jors Trulli


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.. I want my treat...

11:12 AM, December 28, 2005  

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