Friday, January 29, 2010

When you're writing letters to the income tax, it makes a lot of sense to abbreviate some frequently used words, and in the end expand them all in one shot using ctrl+h (replace).
So instead of repeatedly typing "learned assistant commissioner of income tax" for instance, i simply type lacit and replace it later. For income tax act, 1961, i type ita. For assessee, ass. And it's ok to do that, provided you remember to expand it.
Today i didn't.

What makes it a little bit worse is that it's almost never THE assessee. We generally say YOUR assessee. So it wasn't "the ass has paid tax amounting to...". It was "your ass has paid tax amounting to...." and "..refund due to your ass.." and "your ass prays that due note be taken of..".

-----------------------------tear along the line--------------------------------