Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Today's post, as you can see, has a title. I've decided that every post from this day forth will carry a title.. or maybe not.
Wait, I just changed my mind. No more titles.
Or maybe there will be.

Damn it. I need a moment to think this over.

Okay, no more titles. Final decision, case closed. This will be the only one.
So if you're that guy/girl who's selling printed copies of my blog on ebay, this particular post will be a collector's edition.

Anyway, exams are going on. Yaaaaaaaaaawn normally, but today was different. Additional english was a blast. One of the best papers ever. Not marks-wise obviously.

I left questions worth 26 marks unanswered. If I'd done justice to the amount of effort I had put into studying for the exam I would have left 50. I didn't know a lot, to be honest. But I wrote a lot. Especially one four page answer where nothing but the first sentence had any relevance to the question. But it was undoubtedly the finest piece of sappy, sentimental, tear-inducing shit I've ever authored. In my mind's eye I can see my english teacher crying oceans of tears over my paper.

Maybe I'm just overestimating my writing ability.

I was struck by this exceedingly bright idea sometime during the exam. I looked at a question that made no sense at all, and thought of answering it, beginning with "It would be foolish not to assume..". You know, play some mind games with the evaluator. But then I decided it might offend her, and I might get my ass kicked. So I settled for the relatively less dangerous (and hopefully equally effective) "It would be safe to assume..".

At the end of the exam, I went to collect my textbook which I'd left on the teacher's table because I wasn't carrying a bag. I found that it was under a pile of answer scripts that he'd just collected and deposited right on my book. So I reached under the pile and was pulling out my book when suddenly, out of nowhere, the guy (invigilator) screamed and lunged at me from the side. The stupid ass thought I was messing with the answer scripts. Idiot. I just held up the book and took a step backwards and he calmed down. Jang says I should have hit him in self defense.

Yeah, I should have.


Blogger abhas1 said...

Yes you should have. :)

haha!! You take the pain out of examinations! Going the Seinfeld-ian way :D

11:16 PM, October 11, 2006  
Blogger Andalite said...

hmm yeah u should have hit him! or even better yelled outta fright! hahaha

10:23 AM, October 26, 2006  
Blogger Golden Glaciers said...

Keep's brilliant to read!!!

10:17 AM, April 26, 2007  

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