Monday, April 24, 2006

I just realised that Coldplay's video for The Scientist is, along with being a splendid music video, a very clever and effective seat belt safety campaign.

Notice how the girl with Chris Martin unbuckles her seat belt to put on her jacket, and then forgets (or just doesn't care) to put it back on. So when the car careens off the road and rolls down the incline and comes to a stop at the bottom (without a single noticeable dent anywhere on the body), she goes flying through the (spotless) windshield, shattering it in the process, and falls to the ground, dead. She totally deserved it. And that is what is likely to happen to you if you go driving without strapping yourself in.

Do what Chris does. Chris is smart. He wears his seat belt. So he doesn't die. He just loses consciousness for a short while, and when he regains it, all he needs is a quick shake of the head to clear his vision and loosen his jaw and shake some dandruff off his hair, and he's all ready to stroll through the woods and the streets, jumping over walls, some real, some invisible. So much fun! And you can experience it only if you wear a seat belt.

Note: The video is reverse chronological. My instructive narrative is not.


Blogger Andalite said...

now you too campaigning for seat belts?

9:29 PM, May 15, 2006  

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